December 21, 2016

LAPIDATED The Stench Of Carnage 2014

Genre: Spain
Country DEATH
Format: mp320@kbps


December 16, 2016

Mortem "Deinós Nekrómantis" (2016)

Genre: PERU
Country DEATH
Format: mp320@kbps

1. Angel Of Apostasy
2. Horror Of The Unliving
3. The Pain Of Being Dead
4. Liquefied Blood Of The Saints
5. Within The Woods
6. Possessor Of Lost Souls
7. Deinós Nekrómantis / Satanachist
8. A Crack In A Cursed Mirror

December 13, 2016

Humangled Prodromes of a Flatline 2015

Genre: death
Country Italy
Format: mp3@320kbps

1. Liberte, Egalite, Brutalite
2. 4:03
3. Men Of Straw
4. Foretasted In Flesh
5. Intimacy Curse
6. Untastable Fear
7. Fragments
8. Cauterized
9. Vegan Realm
10. To Mega Therion 

Foetal Juice /​Human Landfill Split 2014

Genre: DEATH
Country UK
Format: mp3@320kbps
From Foetal Juice​/​Human Landfill Split do not contains ​Human Landfill

Foetal Juice Big Trouble In Little Vagina EP 2013

Genre: DEATH
Country UK
Format: mp3@320kbps

December 9, 2016

Abominat demo 2007

Abominat - Promo

Genre: DEATH
Country NORWAY
Format: mp3@VBRkbps


Corrupting the Soil
Inhumane Desecration 
Majestic Insurrection
Wasted Human Offerings

Hellripper Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem compilation 2016

Format: mp320@kbps

 Hellripper is a one-man black/speed metal band

December 2, 2016

Cumbeast Human Pinata 2006

Cumbeast - Human Piñata

Genre: Brutal Death with groove influences
Country Finland
Format: mp320@kbps

1. The Ancient Cumbeast
2. Feasting The Whore
3. Foreskin Eater
4. Strangled With A Dreadlock
5. Hostile Ape Posse
6. Back Alley Bludgeonment
7. Pre Burial Pope Molestation
8. Raping Santa
9. Bum Basher
10. Untitled


Cumbeast Recycled Nastiness Compilation 2012

Cumbeast - Recycled Nastiness

Genre: Brutal Death with groove influences
Country Finland
Format: mp320@kbps

This is not a new studio album, it's a compilation of re-recorded songs from first two albums (songs 1-8) and 3 new songs (songs 9-11) that were originally recorded for promotional use in 2010

1. The Ancient Cumbeast
2. Feasting
3. Strangled With A Dreadlock
4. Black Alley Bludgeonment
5. Bum Basher
6. Schlong Kong
7. Dr. Dongledore (And A Cock With Butterfly Wings)
8. Grandma Cremation
9. Mangle And Mutilate
10. Grizzly Death
11. Unborn Delicacy

Cumbeast Straight Outta Sewer (2016)

Cumbeast - Straight Outta Sewer

Genre:Brutal Death with groove influences
Country  Finland
Format: mp320@kbps

1. Guerrillaz Of Sickness
2. Septic Zorro
3. Leper Beach
4. Sewer Mongrel
5. Guttural Jumanji
6. Intergalactic Intercourse
7. Bowel Harmonics
8. Vulgar Display Of Genitalia
9. Sudden Death Thugs