October 30, 2014

Metal Inquisition records Compilation 2013


Genre: Various metal
Origin: Various country
Format:mp3, Vbr kbps


1.Sorcery –The Rite of Sacrifice- from Album -Bloodchilling Tales- (edit)death metal
2.Sounder –Kill the Raper- from Album –Hell Hymns- Thrash metal
3.Sounder – Who needs Radio?- from Album -Praise be to Death-Thrash metal
4.BreaKdowN -…and the Attack doesn´t stop (Bombs Version) Thrash metal
5.BreaKdowN -Till´Death- (unreleased Track!) Thrash metal
6.Diabolic Force –I just want to get high- from Album -March to Calvary-death/thrash metal
7.Affliction Gate -Knights of Scorn- from Aeon of Nox- (from Darkness comes Liberation) death metal
8.Affliction Gate –Memories of Battlefield– from ep Shattered Ante Mortem Illussions- (edit) death metal
9.Bazooka –Raw Noise Attack- from Album -Toxic Warriors- Thrash metal
10.Witchgrave –Satanic Slut- from ep -The Devil´s Night-Heavy Metal
11.Bone Gnawer –Cannibal Cook-out- from Album -Feast of Flesh-death metal
12.Farscape –Celebrate my Death- from Album -Killers on the loose- (edit) thrash metal
13.Intestine Baalism -Anatomy of the Beast- from Album-An Anatomy of the Beast- (edit) death metal
14.Intestine Baalism –The genuine Tone- from Album -Banquet in the Darkness-death metal
15.Intestine Baalism –Wind of Death- from album -Ultimate Instinct death metal
16.Evil Madness –Smash your Brain from Album -Maze of Souls- (edit) thrash metal
17.The Skeletal –The Dead Shed- from Album –The Plague Rituals death metal
18.Banished from Inferno -Minotaur- from Album Minotaur (edit) death metal
19.Those Who Bring The Torture -The Man the Myth the Razor- from -Lullabies for the deranged- Death Metal/Grindcore
20.Deadly Spawn -Annihilation- from Album -Forced into Atrocities-death metal
21.Ehriman -Unholy Metal- from upcomimg Album –Unholy Metal-Death/Thrash
22.Sounder -To Hell and back- from EP –Evil Sides- Thrash metal